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What's Included?

The Ingredient Lab Teacher Guide

The Teacher Guide provides all the background information you need to teach the program's five lessons. It includes ready-to-use student and teacher assessment tools and grocery lists corresponding to each recipe. 

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The Ingredient Lab Student Workbook

The Student Workbook includes activity worksheets, recipes, and student assessment tools for each lesson.  

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The Ingredient Lab CTF Abridged Challenge

This is a completed CTF Abridged Challenge with curricular connections to other subject areas. 

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The Ingredient Lab Slide Decks

The slide decks are the primary teaching tools for each lesson. They contain the videos, background information, activity instructions, and discussion questions. Suggested speaking notes and additional information for teachers appear in each slide's Notes[...]

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The Ingredient Lab Videos

Short chef and food scientist videos are embedded in the slide decks. Video topics include recipe demonstrations, sensory predictions, specific ingredient functions, and career snapshots.

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The Ingredient Lab Recipes

Recipes are included in the Teacher Guide and Student Workbook. Each recipe has four variations demonstrating the impact of the key ingredients in the module - leavening agents, sugars, and flours. 

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Do you teach Junior High Foods?

This program is for junior high Foods teachers and can be adapted for high school Foods classes. If you are interested in our other Foods program, check out DIY Meals and Snacks. 

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High School

Junior High

DIY Meals and Snacks: A Program for Foods Classes

Students will meet a CTF challenge and learn about Canada’s Food Guide through[...]

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