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Meet the team

We are a team of Registered Dietitians in Alberta who work collaboratively with educators, teachers, and community stakeholders to grow positive attitudes and behaviours with food and eating. We apply theory to practice in all of our programs and resources so you can feel confident using Teach Nutrition materials with children and youth. Because of Dairy Farmers of Canada’s longstanding commitment to essential nutrition education, we’re able to make great resources at no cost to educators.  

Kenton Delisle)

Kenton Delisle

Assistant Director, Alberta Nutrition Team

Imaginative and resourceful, Kenton enjoys fusing his experience feeding a young family with his work at Dairy Farmers of Canada. His passion energizes him to guide the developments of evidence-informed resources for young learners.

Jaclyn Chute)

Jaclyn Chute

Provincial Project Manager, Alberta Nutrition Team

Reflective and caring, Jaclyn is passionate about helping others cultivate a healthy relationship with food and themselves. She enjoys finding creative ways to share the message that eating can be nourishing and satisfying. Observing her two young children learn about food and eating inspires her work with educators and teachers.

Lindsay Buchanan)

Lindsay Buchanan

Provincial Project Manager, Alberta Nutrition Team

Thoughtful and bright, Lindsay creates resources that invite children and the adults in their lives to explore the story of food and how it connects to ourselves, others, and our world. She believes we can be more present and engaged in life when our bodies are fully nourished.

Mary Block)

Mary Block

Provincial Project Manager, Alberta Nutrition Team

Vibrant and cheerful, Mary is a firm believer that nutrition education can and should be fun. She loves that her work helps set the stage for a positive relationship with food from a young age through curiosity and exploration.

Barbara Inglis)

Barbara Inglis

Provincial Project Manager, Alberta Nutrition Team

Attentive and kind, Barbara loves to bring connection and conversation to her work with students and educators. She is passionate about providing engaging learning opportunities to facilitate a deeper understanding of body kindness and the many roles food and eating play in our lives.

Nicole Galet)

Nicole Galet

Administrative Assistant, Alberta Nutrition Team

Warm and dedicated, Nicole brings an enthusiasm for connecting with people to help meet their needs. With three boys at home, she is proud to support a team offering exceptional nutritional programs for children.