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What’s Included?

DIY Meals and Snacks Teacher Guide

The Teacher Guide provides all the background information you need to teach the program’s four lessons. Plus, it includes ready-to-use student and teacher assessment tools and a completed CTF Abridged Challenge form.

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DIY Meals and Snacks Student Workbook

The Student Workbook includes activity worksheets, customizable recipes, and student assessment tools for each lesson.

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DIY Meals and Snacks Slide Decks

The slide decks contain the videos, background information, activity instructions, recipes, and discussion questions required to teach each lesson. Suggested speaking notes and additional information for teachers is provided in the notes section of each slide.

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DIY Meals and Snacks Nutrient Graphs

The nutrient graphs are a detailed 8.5 × 11" card set to use as a teaching tool for one of the activities.

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DIY Meals and Snacks Videos

These videos introduce each lesson and are embedded in the slide deck. If the embedded video does not play, use the link in the notes section.

DIY Meals and Snacks Recipes and Grocery Lists

Each lesson features two recipes that students can customize by applying the principles of the CFG Plate. There are ready-to-use grocery lists with space to write the amounts you will need depending on the size of your class. Each recipe has a corresponding video embedded in the slide deck. The videos[...]

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DIY Meals and Snacks Curricular Connections

The Learning Outcomes, Curricular Connections, and Assessment Tools document provides helpful background information for teaching DIY Meals and Snacks. Discover what Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) learning outcomes are met by the program, find a completed CTF Abridged Challenge[...]

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Do you teach Junior High Health?

This program is for junior high Foods teachers and can be adapted for high school Foods classes. If you are a junior high Health teacher, check out our Food for Me program.


The two programs are not designed to be delivered to the same classes.

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Junior High

Junior High Health: Food for Me

Students will plan meals and snacks that feature foods from Canada’s Food Guide[...]

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