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Class Discussion

After watching the video with your class, use the following questions to guide students in a group reflection: 

  • In that exercise we practised being present in the moment using our senses. This is part of being mindful. Would anyone like to share what that experience was like for them? 
  • How did this practice make you feel? (calm, happy, uncomfortable, anxious, tired, etc.) 
  • Was there a part that you enjoyed? 
  • Was there any part that you did not enjoy? 
  • What are some of the things you noticed during our practice? 
    • If it’s helpful, you may go through each sense as a prompt.

Video Script

If you prefer to read the guided practice to your students rather than watching the video together, you can find the script below.


Let’s practise being mindful and in the present moment together. During this practice, please keep your answers to yourself, and we will talk about them at the end.

Start by looking around you. What do you see? What are your eyes telling you about the area around you?
[Pause briefly, then give some brief examples, such as “I see…”].

Now, let’s move on to the other senses. If you like, you may close your eyes or look down. What do you notice with your sense of hearing? You might notice the sound of my voice, and you might also notice the hum of the computer [heater, etc.], the sound of your breathing…

What do you notice with your sense of touch? The sense of touch is not just in your hands. What do you notice about the feeling of your seat and back on your chair? The feeling of your feet on the floor? The temperature of the room?

What do you notice with your sense of smell? [Pause briefly] How about your sense of taste? You might be noticing some sensations that you’ve never paid attention to, and it’s okay if you’re not noticing anything with these senses right now too.

Take as much time as you need to continue noticing with your senses. When you are ready, you can fold your hands on your desk to let me know you’re ready to move on.

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Extend your mindfulness exploration with your students using our other video in this series “A Guided Practice in Mindful Eating” where you can practice mindful eating with your students. 

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