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Yummy Hummus

This simple recipe will allow students to practice their food skills by using a variety of kitchen tools. This hummus has added creaminess and nutrients with the addition of yogurt. Work as a class to follow this recipe by measuring ingredient amounts and safely using a blender. Teachers can provide[...]

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Mini Pizzas

This simple recipe offers a great starting point for trialling new and familiar foods and combinations. Students can be creative and use the toppings they choose from the ones available to create their own mini pizza. Students can also nurture their food skills by successfully preparing their ingredients,[...]

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Easy Yogurt Parfait

Cooking in the classroom is an excellent opportunity for students to use their senses to explore unfamiliar foods at their own pace. It helps students to develop age-appropriate food skills and can also include curricular links to various other learning outcomes. This simple recipe gives students[...]

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Support with cooking with kids at school

Read our Helpful Tips for Cooking with Kids article to discover the benefits of cooking with kids and find helpful tips to get started.

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Early learning

Elementary K-3

A Guide to Cooking Techniques

This resource provides descriptions and visual demonstrations for techniques such as measuring,[...]

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